Targeted Projects

Industry partners will collaborate in PrecisionALS through unilateral targeted projects. These projects address specific topics of interest to the individual partners and cross-reference to the research programme work packages. Examples of the targeted projects are described below.

  • Targeted Project 1

    From an applied clinical science perspective, the output from this targeted project is a Platform that will provide a novel, bespoke but transferable method to identify and categorise subcohorts and track groups of patients.

  • Targeted Project 2

    Targeted Project (TP2) involves a retrospective study of the natural history and genetic subtypes of ALS patients using data extracted from TRICALS Partners in Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK (2 sites), Spain, Sweden, France and Italy.

  • Targeted Project 3

    This Targeted Project titled “Analysis of Volumetric MRI and DTI in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients”, involves Irish and Dutch data sets and will focus on statistical models which will be implemented for cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses.

  • Targeted Project 4

    Targeted Project 4 addresses the need to provide a flexible, agile and modular solution to address challenges around treatments for ALS and other diseases.

  • Targeted Project 5

    Using extant data held by TRICALS partners, Targeted Project 5 addresses Characterising the experience of patients and informal caregivers.

  • Targeted Project 6

    Targeted Project 6 addresses the Integration of the ICT Platform for Neurological disease in Ireland).