About Precision ALS

Precision ALS is a collaborative programme which brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines from Clinicians to Data Scientists and more. Our team is made up of experts in their respective fields.

A research programme of this scale requires the collaboration of a number of academic and industry partners, each of which will provide their own expertise to the programme. The research will be carried out in nine TRICALS Research Centres across Europe. The programme is also helped by the ongoing support of fundraising and charities.

Our goal is to create a pan-European Patient Data Platform so that research sites across Europe can work together towards a common goal of finding a treatment for ALS.

Our Team

Our Partners

Current collaborating Industry Partners

Current collaborating industry partners to PrecisionALS will be listed shortly.



New industry partners are joining the collaboration as the project progresses.


Research Centres

Philanthropy / Charities

Precision ALS receives help from the ongoing support of fundraising and charities. More information about our supporting charities can be found below, including links to their respective websites. If you would like to get involved by donating or fundraising, please visit the websites of our supporting charities, or get in contact with us directly via the Contact Us section.