FUTURENEURO is the SFI Research Centre for Chronic and Rare Neurological Disease with a focus on epilepsy and ALS. The mission of FutureNeuro is to change the patient journey with faster diagnosis, personalised treatments and patient-centred care. The Centre combines expertise across seven academic intuitions with a research-active national clinical network. This links innovative neurotherapeutics with genomic and biomarker-based patient stratification and research-enabled connected health solutions.

The Precision ALS programme is closely aligned with the strategic direction of FutureNeuro. FutureNeuro conducts research across three thematic areas: diagnostics, therapeutics, and eHealth – all three of which will be addressed by the Precision ALS programme. Within the diagnostics theme, Precision ALS will apply sequencing and advanced informatics to patient biomarkers to deliver better patient categorisation and stratification. Under the therapeutics theme, Precision ALS will develop tools that facilitate clinical trials based on precision medicine. Under eHealth, Precision ALS will advance the application of “Big Data” and AI in neurological research and care.

FutureNeuro researchers will contribute expertise to the research programme across a wide range of disciplines. Precision ALS will enhance the capability of FutureNeuro, along with the TRICALS consortium to rapidly generate large datasets which will provide a rich source of material for collaborative research.