Work Package 6: Transferability to Other Diseases

Integration of ICT Platform for Neurological Disease in Ireland

The goal of Work Package 6 is to transfer the research model of Precision ALS to the research of other neurological diseases in Ireland. Precision ALS aims to break down existing barriers between medical science and data science research. Learnings from the FutureNeuro Epilepsy Electronic Health Record (EHR) have already contributed to a national understanding of the quality, safety, and efficiency benefits of EHRs. EHRs also provide an economic opportunity for Ireland in terms of becoming a global leader in e-Health technology development and use. 

This work package will incorporate learnings developed as part of other work packages in the Precision ALS project along with shared best practices from the Epilepsy EHR within Irish healthcare, and will implement and evaluate the utility of successful technology-based applications for other neurological conditions. The early Precision ALS prototype will be extended to Multiple Sclerosis to support the integration of a modified ICT platform (derived from Precision ALS) that will inform the Irish e-Health landscape.

The recent adoption of the National Epilepsy EPR as a mature exemplar of a functioning point of care clinical electronic health record, within the framework of the HSE’s digital transformation programme, is an important step in the national underpinning of digital solutions. 

Leaders: Prof. Orla Hardiman, Prof. Colin Doherty