Prof. Philippe Corcia

Professor of Neurology

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Philippe Corcia is Professor of Neurology and is responsible for the ALS Centre of the CHU of Tours. This is the only centre of the Loire Valley area: in this centre, more than 90 new cases are diagnosed every year and the cohort of ALS patients currently exceeds 240 patients. Philippe Corcia is chairman of the French Motor Neuron Study Group, a member of the French Neurological Society (SFN), of the European Academy of Neurology and of the panel of the ALS of frontotemporal dementia. He is also a member of the ENCALS and TRICALS boards and of the Editorial Board of the ALS FTD Journal.

He is involved in the scientific committee of the French ALS network (FILSLAN). He was the principal investigator of several clinical trials over the last five years. His field of research is mainly focused on genetic factors and metabolomics in ALS. He is a member of the Inserm Unit U1253 iBrain. He signed or co-signed more than 290 publications which mainly dealt with ALS or motor neuron disorders.

Research Domains
  • Genetics
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Neurodegenerative Conditions
  • Neurology