ALS Clinic Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

This ALS clinic was initiated more than 30 years ago to follow ALS patients and to investigate this disease. It is located in the main University Hospital of Lisbon, and related to the Faculty of Medicine and a research institute (iMM) – Medical Academic Center of Lisbon.

The ALS clinic provides multidisciplinary care for ALS patients and interacts with the ALS patients Association. It is supported by the Hospital Clinical Investigation Center for accomplishing clinical trials. Investigation is integrated with the Faculty of Medicine (University of Lisbon) and Institute of Molecular Medicine-JLA (research institute) to promote clinical and translational investigation. This unit regularly follows more than 200 patients from Lisbon and other regions of the country. Every year, 60-70 new patients are observed, some from other centers and asking for diagnosis confirmation. For more than 30 years this center has had a regular scientific output, including clinical features and disease progression, neurophysiology, respiratory evaluation and ventilatory support, biomarkers, genetics, epidemiology, big-data analysis and artificial intelligence, sensors, and clinical trials.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Mamede de Carvalho